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The book addresses generally the specialized linguistic needs of students studying Aircraft Technology Engineering. It aims at learners from intermediate to high intermediate level of competence and focuses on the technical language used in the field of the Aircraft Structure, a thematic area that students are familiar with, since they are taught aircraft structure during their studies.

The book is also useful to experienced technicians who work internationally or just need to develop their ability to communicate in their workplace. It is suitable for self-study since it includes a broad bilingual glossary of technical terms and an answer-key of all the activities included.

More specifically, the book consists of six different structural sections.

  • Section I consists of sixteen teaching units. Each of these units contains authentic technical texts, (most of them retrieved from NASA’s official websites), and a variety of language activities (reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar exercises, writing activities). 
  • Section II contains further vocabulary activities which aim at recycling and re-practicing the newly learnt terminology found in the previous teaching units as well as additional terms.
  • Section III contains a list of technical terms accompanied by their definitions.
  • Section IV comprises a broad English – Greek glossary.
  • Section V, the Grammar Section, which contains tables of grammar structures of the most important grammatical phenomena and a number of exercises for further practice.
  • Section VI, the Answer key, (yellow pages) is considered a very useful tool, essential for self- studying.
  • The book also includes the texts that are used in the listening comprehension activities; this enables the tutor to use them as reading comprehension activities as well.

It is hoped that the book will contribute essentially to the increased language needs of the students studying Aircraft Technology, especially during the initial stages of their studies and will serve as a first step for further learning and development of their language communication skills.


SECTION I: Teaching Units 1

Chapter 1.   Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
                   Aircraft Handtools and Ground Equipment
                   Crossword Puzzle 1
Chapter 2.   Avionics Engineers
                   Listening Comprehension Activity: Aircraft Interior Technician
                   Language Function: Verb Tenses
Chapter 3.   Aircraft Maintenance Safety
                   Language Function: Infi nitive vs Gerund
Chapter 4.   The Forces of Flight
                   Crossword Puzzle 2
                   Language Function: Modal Verbs
Chapter 5.   How Lift is Generated
                   Language Function: Passive Voice
Chapter 6.   Drag and Thrust
                   Listening Comprehension Activity: Thrust
                   Language Function: Passive Voice
                   Crossword Puzzle 3
Chapter 7.   Basics on Aircraft Structure
                   Listening Comprehension Activity: An Airport Incident.
                   Crossword Puzzle 4
Chapter 8.   The Fuselage and the Wings of a Fixed-wing Aircraft
                   Listening Comprehension Activity: The Wing Aircraft
                   Language Function: Conditional Sentences
                   Crossword Puzzle 5
Chapter 9.   Flight Control Surfaces
                   Language Function: Relative Clauses
                   Crossword Puzzle 6
Chapter 10. Structural Stress
                   Language Function: Time Clauses
Chapter 11. Aircraft Construction Materials
                   Language Function: Clauses of Contrast
Chapter 12. Aircraft Stability
                   Listening Comprehension Activity: Wind Tunnels
                   Language Function: Clauses of Purpose
Chapter 13. Reciprocating Engines
                   Listening Comprehension Activity: The Primary Years of flight
                   Language Function: Articles
Chapter 14. The Propulsion System
                   Listening Comprehension Activity: An Aircraft Accident
                   Language Function: Adjectives and Adverbs
Chapter 15. Gas Turbine Parts
                   The Inlet
                   The Compressor
                   The Combustor or burner
                   The Power Turbine
                   The Nozzle
                   Language Function: Prepositions of Time
Chapter 16. Turborprop Engines
Chapter 17. Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
                   Language Function: Prepositions of Place and Movement
Chapter 18. Aircraft Landing Gear Systems
                   Listening Comprehension Activities: An Aircraft Accident
                   Language Function: Adjective Comparisons
                   Crossword Puzzle 7
Chapter 19. Aircraft Fire Protection System
                   Listening Comprehension Activities: An Aircraft Fire Accident
                   Language Function: Quantifiers
                   Crossword Puzzle 8
Chapter 20. Job Related Skills
                   How to write a successful CV or Resume
                   The Letter of Application

SECTION II: Revision Exercises
                    Exercise 1-18
                    Crossword Puzzle 9
                    Crossword Puzzle 10

SECTION III: English-English Glossary

SECTION IV: English-Greek Glossary

SECTION V: Grammar Practice

SECTION VI: Answer Key

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