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English for Materials Science prepares students of Materials Science and Engineering to study effectively in English at university level.
• The book includes passages covering terminology from the basic areas in the field as these are covered in an introductory university course and helps the student
consolidate specialized language vocabulary through a wide range of exercises.
• It includes listening exercises based on videos with relevant topics.
• It provides students with the theoretical background and practical help in
developing essential skills in academic writing.
• It familiarizes students with the ways that grammar deviates from general language
usage in academic texts providing exercises tailored in their own field study.
• Finally, it includes a glossary of the terms encountered in the passages and exercises
of the ten units.


Preface Unit 1 1.1 An introduction to Materials Science: Metals and Ceramics 1.2 The use of tenses in Academic English 1.3 Writing definitions Unit 2 2.1 Glasses and Polymers 2.2 Noun Phrases 2.3 Writing Classification Paragraphs Unit 3 3.1 Composites and Semiconductors 3.2 The Use of Article in Academic English 3.3 Writing Process Paragraphs Unit 4 4.1 The Atomic Structure 4.2 Passive Voice 4.3 Writing Cause and Effect Paragraphs Unit 5 5.1 Chemical Bonding: The Ionic Bond 5.2 The Use of Modals in Academic English 5.3 Writing Comparison Paragraphs Unit 6 6.1 Chemical Bonding: Covalent, Metallic and Van de Waal Bonds 6.2 Conditionals 6.3 Graph Description Unit 7 7.1 Crystalline Structures 7.2 Prepositional Verbs 7.3 Paraphrasing Unit 8 8.1 Crystalline Structures for Ceramics 8.2 Cohesion 8.3 Summary Writing Unit 9 9.1 Mechanical Properties of Metals 9.2 Non-finite forms in Academic Writing 9.3 Adjectives used to describe Materials Properties Unit 10 10.1 Crystal Imperfection and Defects 10.2 Formality in Academic Writing 10.3 References Glossary Bibliography

Eumeridou Eugenia

Eugenia Eumeridou studied English Language and Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1989-1993) and then she carried out her MSc studies in Natural Language Processing in the Department of Computational Linguistics in UMIST. In the years from 1996 to 1999 she completed her Ph.D. studies in the department of Machine Language Engineering in the same University. The following year, she worked as an independent researcher in the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering at the Aegean University for the construction of online terminological databases. In 2002, she got a position at the University of Ioannina as Specialized English language teaching staff. Since then, she has taught specialized English in Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Arts and Materials Sciences.
She specializes in Terminology and English for Special Purposes (ESP), while her research interests and publications involve the use of ontologies in ESP teaching, automatic term recognition and corpus linguistics.