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This treatise attempts to narrate the explorations of an outstanding architect, who had the possibility to design and built massive institutional buildings, aimed to be impressive and imposing while at the same time, small and sensitive. Buildings very different to each other but, every time, clear and straightforward. With studies in Constantinople and Berlin, influenced by the discoveries of the Aegean prehistory, placed in the environment of the strongest financial institution of Greece and associating with the economic elite of his time, Nicholas Zoumboulidis remained a practical, effective and imaginative architect. An Asia Minor man with European education and experiences. A skillful manager, a nature lover with social awareness. The coordination of the great interwar building program of the National Bank of Greece was the architect’s principal professional activity. On the other hand, in his few, but notable, private works he found the opportunity to experiment. He included in his works ceramic tiles with archaic and folk motifs and used colored Minoan type columns and extensive masonry. Zoumboulidis drew inspiration from the past in order to create modern buildings of a Teutonic austerity. He processed tradition using the tools and materials of “modernism”. This treatise, based on an extensive archival research, brings to light unknown aspects of Zoumpoulidis’ work and provides the opportunity for his reinstatement in neohellenic architectural historiography.

Preface by M. Kardamitsi-Adami

1. Studies and other interests
2. Antiquity, Byzantium and Folk Culture
3. The building program of the National Bank
4. Technical consultant at the Bank of Greece
5. Competent project manager
6. His contribution to the development of Filothei
7. Buildings for private clients
8. The private residence of Zoumboulidis in Filothei
9. Two church buildings
10. His post-war works

In lieu of an epilogue
N. Zoumboulidis list of works
Index of names and locations

Theodoridou-Sotiriou Lila

Theodoridou - Sotiriou Lila is an architect, with a first degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with post-graduate studies at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning of the University College of London (U.C.L.) and a doctorate from the National Technical University of Athens. She is a professor at the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia and she is interested in the design and historical documentation of buildings and complexes as well as in the transformation of the urban tissue in relation to the architectural creation. Her published work examines in depth subjects of architecture, town planning and regional history, especially during the interwar period.