English Medical Terminology for Health Sciences


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The new edition of the textbook ‘English Medical Terminology for Health Sciences’ is the sequel of the English Terminology for Health Sciences. In this new edition, 17 new chapters have been added that are considered essential for the completion of the book. The present textbook constitutes a dynamic learning method of the main medical terms in English with reading texts and exercises based on Biology, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

The textbook is organized into chapters with clear organizational structure. The reading texts are followed by a series of activities and exercises that the reader is called upon to solve, whilst colour illustrations display the most important structures and functions of the organs and systems of the human body. The useful material in the form of illustrations and tables makes teaching and learning more effective. There are separate chapters with strong clinical focus on the major diseases of each body system. This textbook also contains an extensive English-Greek and Greek-English dictionary with terms that the reader encounters and it contains the answers to all the exercises contained therein. At the end of the book, there are 3 chapters devoted to the proper writing of CVs and sample letters for vacancies abroad as well as details on successful interview techniques.

The content of the present textbook is easily accessible and methodically organized so that it can be used either as part of classroom instruction or as an independent study for anyone interested.

Panoutsopoulos I. Georgios

The Associate Professor Georgios I. Panoutsopoulos holds a permanent position at the Department of Nursing of the University of Peloponnese. He graduated with a
BSc (Hons) degree from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Bradford University in England, and additionally holds a PhD degree from the School of Pharmacy of the
same University. He holds a license to teach the English language and has worked for many years at the ‘REKLEITOU’ foreign language institute. He has worked and
taught at many Technological Education Institutes (TEI) and Universities with annual contracts from 1997 to 2010 and from 2010 to the present as a faculty member of the
University of Peloponnese. He has taught ‘Human Physiology’ and ‘Pathophysiology’ at undergraduate level since 1997, ‘Pharmacology’ since 2010 and ‘English Terminology’ since 2013. In addition, he has lectured in postgraduate programs since 2010 with significant contribution to ‘Pharmacology’ at the University of West Attica during the academic years 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. He supervises ten doctoral theses, five of which have already been completed. He has carried out many research projects
related to his field of expertise where he has written 55 peer review publications in international journals and 6 publications in Greek journals totaling a journal impact factor of more than 100. His research work has been recognized by other researchers and has received over 750 citations. He is actively involved in various committees at both the Department of Nursing and the Central Administration of the University of Peloponnese. He has written over 60 scientific articles in peer review journals and presented his research work in over 120 Greek and international conferences. He is an editorial board member of several international journals and has been invited to speak at numerous scientific meetings and he has sat on scientific committees in Greek and international conferences.