English for the students of Political Sciences


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English for the Students of Political Sciences aims to empower students with the foundational knowledge of the specific discipline, the necessary communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and the much-needed professional readiness to engage in meaningful conversations while using the appropriate terminology.

More specifically, the main objectives of the coursebook are:

  • to help students comprehend and internalize the terminology commonly used in the literature of political sciences, in lectures, and discussions;
  • to establish a solid foundation of key concepts and terms that are essential for further study in political sciences;
  • to improve students’ ability to effectively communicate their ideas and arguments using appropriate terminology;
  • to prepare students for academic success by providing them with the language skills, and conceptual understanding, needed to excel in their exams, assignments, and research projects;
  • to encourage critical thinking by enabling the students to analyze and evaluate political phenomena, theories, and policies through the lens of specialized terminology;
  • to equip students with the necessary terminology and knowledge to engage in professional contexts such as careers in government or non-governmental organizations, and advocacy work.


Unit 1 Ideology 
Unit 2 Marxist socialism 
Unit 3 Social democracy 
Unit 4 Liberalism 
Unit 5 Conservatism 
Unit 6 Neo-conservatism & Neo-liberalism 
Unit 7 Communism 
Unit 8 Nationalism 
Unit 9 Fascism 
Unit 10 The British state 
Unit 11 The organization of the British state 
Unit 12 Ιs Britain a corporatist state? 
Unit 13 The Secret State in Britain 
Unit 14 The catch-all party 
Unit 15 The emergence of the cartel party 
Unit 16 Democracy and political rights  
Unit 17 Justice and society 
Unit 18 Karl Marx’s theory of anarchy: an unexpected discovery 
Unit 19 Political systems 
Unit 20 Ένας αγγλικός λόγος στα ελληνικά 

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