The security of our transactions is of outmost importance to our company. That is why our website and our affiliated bank (Piraeus Bank) operate under the secure SSL 128 security system, in order to ensure the secure transfer of data. Piraeus Bank also uses the 3DSecure protocol as well as fraud detection and prevention systems for card payments.

An additional measure of safety is the password that the user receives when he/she becomes a member of It is recommended, for security reasons, to change the password at regular intervals and to avoid using the same passwords or easily detectable ones.

Our publishing house cannot guarantee that the webpage, its services, the options and its contents will be available without interruptions, without errors, or that this website will be secure, or that the errors that occur to this website will be rectified, or that the server that renders available is free of viruses or other harmful elements. The visitor/user will bear the costs of possible repairs or facilitations, and und no circumstances will these expenses burden the publishing house.

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